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What we can do for YOU

Endless possibilities to create great sound

Recording – We undertake complete audio recording projects.

Mixing – Montage is a fully automated studio.

Commercial albums, Singles & EPs, Commercials

Song Recordings / Mixing and Mastering

Radio commercials

Voice dubbing for TV Commercials / Animations

Teledrama dubbings

Instrumental music albums

Demos & Pre-production

Voice Overs & Podcasts

Telephone operator system messages for PABX

IVR Recordings – Voice recording, editing and format conversion.

Audio Format Conversions – We offer Audio format, sampling rate and bit rate conversions
that can be used for voice Prompts according to your preference.

Lets Make it Happen

Rates and Booking information

Our rates are all-inclusive and include the hiring of the studio, use of recording equipment and facilities,
as well as the services of an audio engineer. There are absolutely no hidden costs.
Please note that we do not allow stay-overs at the studio and cannot make any exceptions.

Some Things you should know

Studio Policy
Going to be late for your appointment? Call and let us know, so our schedule can be adjusted.
If you are more than 1 hour late then we have the right to reschedule your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do we need to record?
This depends on you and what you’re after. The longer you spend in the studio, the better your recording
will be as you will have more time to get better sound, better takes and more time for editing and mixing.

Do you record the tracks live (all at once), or do you record them separately and then layer them?
We record separately and layer them.

Do we have to pay extra for the engineer?
No, its all inclusive.

What are the time and days available for us to come in and record?
Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Can we come in and check the studio out?
Yes, our doors are always open for you